Dana Michelle Gillespie offers females some fun, unique, effective and powerful female wellness practices!

"I love to share my wisdom, knowledge and offerings through my energy work, EMA classes, and guided meditations. These are my own personal - favorite practices that have given me the most profound shifts and experiences in my life. As well as positive growth and bliss. Knowing what these practices have added to my life and what they can bring for others - it excites me to offer them. Witnessing a female experience a moment of clarity, stillness, relief, bliss - that space where she start experiencing something new and wonderful to her - that's priceless. Getting to witness the bliss these offerings can create in a females life - that's why they are my favorite practices." 

Dana's unique wealth of knowledge and experience in these practices began forming decades ago when she was young and extremely curious about energy, wellness, embodied pleasure, joy and fulfillment. She has been a practicing clairvoyant energy worker for over the past 10 years, with an emphasis in female wellness. Dana's knowledge and experince with the subtle currents of the female body are transformative. And she began her journey in the EMA movement practice over 16 years ago. And she's here to offer you what she has loved for so long.

Her private clients in the past have commented on how great they feel from working with Dana. Many have commented on how well their day to day life flowed for even up to a couple of weeks after a session with her! And how much joy and excitement these practices have brought into their own lives.




Female Energy Healings

I am here to help you with:

Clearing out old energies

Moving through relationships

Stress relief

Hormonal imbalances

Grounding into your body

Refueling your creative energy


These energy healings are done over the phone. If you have any questions, please reach out and I hope to connect with you on this journey!

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EMA Class

Come join one of my EMA(R) classes where we let go of the outside world, drop into our female bodies in a slow, sensual, flowing yoga style mat class. Followed by strengthening our relationship with the pole - whatever that is for you.

This fun, safe, playful class is a moving meditation where you’ll get both a workout, move energy in your body, and hopefully leave with a little (or a lot) more sense of self love, empowerment and bliss. 

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Female Wellness Moon Gatherings

Let's gather and replenish your female self with Rie Katagiri & Dana Gillespie.

This 'first of its kind' workshop is designed to help females create space, wellness and balanced energy in both your 

physical and energetic bodies. While utilizing the energy of the day, moon phase and season. 

Rie will guide the class utilizing Yoga Therapy Balls - tailored to restore vitality in your body, nourishing your reproductive organs, tissues, chi and overall wellness.

Dana will then guide the class in a female energy grounding meditation to where we release and restore your female balance. Profound wellness awaits!

Sundays, Once A Month 

$40 donation

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